BRD announces partnership with Ballygowan

We at Belfast Roller Derby are excited to announce our official partnership with Ballygowan at Britvic Ireland. Although Ballygowan © has been our water of choice at all home games for the last couple of seasons, we were delighted to secure a partnership for 2016 with a leading drinks company that not only operates in Ireland but also Great Britain, France and Brazil.

This partnership not only ensures that skaters and officials from home and away will have their thirst quenched during game time but we are delighted to be able to promote this brand to visiting teams and officials through our social media and our games.

We feel that the company values reflect our own as a competitive roller derby team:

“Be proud, be bold, be disciplined, act with pace, be open,” and most importantly “win together”.

We are excited to be working with Britvic and look forward to a successful partnership.